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The Harland Clarke Solution

  • Scalable:We develop solutions that have the flexibility to grow as your company and sales force grows.
  • Brand Compliant:We provide products and solutions that perfectly deliver your message time and time again.
  • Efficient:We offer a one-stop solution that helps you eliminate the coordination and management of several vendors.
  • Consultative:We work directly with you to continually help generate excitement, growth and revenue within your sales force.
Circle of Value

With more than 20 years of Direct Selling industry experience and expertise, Harland Clarke is a leader in supplying business-building products to direct sales companies.

Customer Focus

  • Innovative Products & Services
  • High Value, Affordable Tools


  • Complete Product Development
  • Direct Mail Expertise
  • Acquisition & Retention Campaigns

Brand Control

  • Consistency Throughout Program
  • Alignment with Sales Force

Customer Service

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Call Center Support
  • Web Support


  • Align with Corporate Growth Goals
  • Proven Marketing Solutions
  • Program Commitment

E-Commerce Solutions

  • Intuitive Technology
  • Easy Implementation
  • Customized with Corporate Brand

Customized turn-key solutions can get you up and running in as little as 4 weeks.

Services Step 1

We help you create business building kits that fit your organizations specific needs.

Services Step 1

We assign knowledgeable, trusted talent to begin working on your solution.

Services Step 1

In as little as a month's time, your associates can buy branded business-building supplies direct from Harland Clarke through your branded site.

Services Step 1

Your associates will represent your organization with consistency and confidence, boosting your bottom line.

We measure the success of our programs by the satisfaction
of our clients.

“The manner in which Harland Clarke solutions are managed and executed is the standard by which our other vendors are measured.”

-Tracy Stack, Manager (retired) Consultant Marketing Services, Mary Kay, Inc.

"We trust Harland Clarke to serve our Independent Business Owners, the most important people in our business. That's a vital function for our company."

-Tom Paasche, Sr. Brand Manager, Partner Stores & Services, Amway Global